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Good lead generation campaigns are much more than a shot in the dark

Monday, March 14th, 2011

By Barbara Bix

I have a friend with a son who is a sophomore in high school.  This morning, she told me that she can’t believe how many money colleges waste precious funds on expensive direct mail communications.  She described the quality of the paper, the outsized packaging, and the heft of the packages they’ve been receiving–all of which she tosses in the waste bin.

Direct marketing mail campaigns are often cost-effective

Value proposition example for a professional service provider

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

By Barbara Bix, B2B Marketing Consultant

Here’s an example of how a professional service provider can apply the do-it-yourself guide for creating value propositions in 3 steps.    It uses the same formula as the green value proposition example I posted last week (immediately below).   This time, I’ve used it to describe the value I offer my clients as a B2B strategic marketing consultant (below the value proposition formula).

The value proposition formula

We help [your most promising prospects] that [need help with the pressing concern you address] succeed by [providing the material improvement you will deliver].  Unlike [the alternative solution], [your solution] [describe the reason why your company is a better choice] as demonstrated by [evidence that you will deliver as promised].

How to create a compelling value proposition: Do it yourself in 3 steps

Monday, October 18th, 2010

By Barbara Bix, B2B Marketing Consultant

Businesses today are seeking products, services, and solutions that will directly or indirectly improve their competitive advantage.  As part of the sales process, buyers expect to hear how sellers’ products or services will materially contribute to the buying organization’s success–and why the seller is uniquely qualified to deliver that value.  This post outlines how to step into buyers’ minds, and create value propositions that compel them to buy.

What is a value proposition?

Drip campaigns keep your company top of mind: 5 steps for success + an example

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

How do you stay top of mind when everyone is head’s down trying to get their own jobs done?  How do you ensure that prospective customers think of you when problems arise?

The short answer:  you need to stay in touch,  talk about things that really matter to those you want to remember you, and remind them that your business is a valuable resource they can tap in each of the areas where you’d like to work with them.

Drip campaigns reinforce your brand